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The purpose of this section is to clear up any doubts about matters regarding to our page and services.
Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind before you place your order:

At we believe that in order for you to fully enjoy our designs, the images will be sold by set only. It wonŽt be easy to have to pick just a few of them, and this way we make it easier for you!
We also remind you that our team does custom work. Just visit our "Create your own" section for more details or contact us. offers you the possibility to sell digitized designs created based on our designs. That is, you can sell a design bought at and digitized into a machine embroidery file.

For safe travel over the internet, all our desings are compressed in rar files. So, once you download the file, your computer can automatically decompress it into a folder. If not, you will have to decompress ir manually by using programs such as WinRar (Windows) or Stuffit Expander (Mac and Windows).
Once this step is completed, a directory containing the images will appear on your computer. If you have trouble finding this directory, you can try doing a search for the name of the downloaded file.

Our images -all compatible for both Mac and Windows- come in a variety of downloadable formats such as AI, WMF, EPS, CDR (Vector formats) and JPG, BMP, and GIF (Bitmap).
Vector formats have indpendent resolution, wich means that they will not break up, no matter what size you make them, printing perfectly at any size. The difference with Bitmap formats is that their resolution affects the output quality.
You will be able to choose the format thatŽs best suitable for you at the moment of the purchase.
Keep in mind that you need a program to open the Vector format files, so if you do not have it installed, you will not be able to open them by double-clicking on the images. In that case, youŽll have to access the vector images from the program you are using. If youŽre using a graphics program, the command is usually "file-open" and then select the image you want. For other programs the command may be "file-place, file-insert, insert-picture, get-picture" or something similar. You should check your software manualŽs section on how to use graphic files for further detailed information.

In case you need to re-download a file, go to the receipt that was e-mailed to you. There youŽll find instructions on how to proceed, along with a link to do it.
If you experience any trouble downloading the file, please e-mail us your order number and weŽll send you a new download link.

Nevertheless, remember that you can contact us any time you feel the need to. Just send us an e-mail to: and weŽll get back to you as soon as possible.

Now you can go back to enjoy our desings!
Thanks again for visiting!



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