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Copyright owns the rights of our artwork. All our designs are original. To resell, share, copy or distribute our designs in its original form is strictly prohibitted by law, and to do so will involve you in litigation. Please remember that you are given a license to use our artwork, you are not given the copyright to it. Royalty free does not mean copyright free allows you to use the contents in our website for comercial or non-comercial projects to create web pages, advertising, presentations, posters, t-shirts, book covers, etc. You are also allowed to sell our designs, but only digitized into a machine embroidery format, not the original clipart. You are allowed to use our designs, sell them and make whatever you wish from them, but you may never sell or give away the actual clipart.

Whenever our clipart is used, you must provide a link to our site where the designs are displayed. It is mandatory that you give us credit for our artwork. In this case, just e-mail us your wesite address and give us credit with a link to our website:

If you have any doubts regarding the future use of our clipart, please contact us inmediately at We will gladly clear all your doubts and answear any questions you may have.

We will now proceed to detail the Usage Guidelines. Once you follow them, there will be no cost per image, royalties or extra payments for Therfore, you may use our files for practically any purpose, except for those involving direct competition with our company.

You may use our designs for:

  • Digitized embroidery designs for sale
  • The selling of items with finished designs on them
  • Textile printing
  • Web page designs
  • Publishing
  • Scrap books
  • Etc, etc, etc.

You are not allowed to:

  • Redistribute the original artwork content in any digital format, nor as stock images, clipart, web art, multimedia or fonts.
  • Use any of our content related to an identifiable person, living or dead, or entities, in a way implying their endorsement of or association with any product, service or entity.
  • Use any of our content or modification of the content to create obsecene work.
  • Use any automatic tool, such as spider or web crawler, to download content.

Refund policy

Refunds will be given with no additional fees applied if and only if no solution to a problem can be offered. Due to the electronic nature of our products and since they can be easily reproduced, refunds will not be offered under any other circumstances.

If you experience trouble downloading a set of images or happen to receive a damaged file, please contact us at Designs /zip files will be replaced if damaged or corrupt.


Our company will not be responsible for the use of images in web pages, newspapers or any other documents by customers.

In addition, our company will not be responsible for the delivery or quality of services or goods sold or advertised through or on customers pages. If you feel that any of the visual content displayed by violates your propietary rights, including copyrights, please contact our Legal Department.

Customer responsibility

You have complete responsibility for the images that you post or distribute on web pages, periodicals or other documents.

Since we do not review on a daily basis the contents of the material created or posted by our customers or other visitors of our site, we do not recommend posting or distributing any of the following types of content, whether you obtained it from or other sources. To do so could involve you in litigation, for which we would not be responsible in any way.

  1. Material of obscene or pornographic nature, or any type of material that violates local, state and/or national laws.
  2. Any material that violates in any way the proprietary rights of others, including copyright or trademark rights. If you do not own the copyright or do not have authorization and documented permission to use it, do not use it. Please read the full text of the Terms of Use to verify that your use of images is acceptable.
  3. Any material that is threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, vulgar, obscene, indecent or otherwise objectionable, including the posting of other people's private information.
  4. Any type of content that promotes, encourages or provides information about ilegal activities, specifically hacking, cracking or phreaking.
  5. Any software, information or other material that contains viruses, "Trojan Horse", "worm", corrupted data or any other harmful or damaging component. This includes hate propaganda and/or fraudulent material or activity.

Privacy Policy respects your right to privacy. Any information submitted by a customer will remain private. We will not share, sell or reuse your personal information for any other purpose than to complete a transaction and/or to address a customer service concern.

Accordingly, we will collect and use personal information only as follows:

  • Deliver the services you want
  • Communicate with you when necessary
  • Provide customer service
  • Respond to legal process (e.g. subpoenas and warrants).

The infotmation we collect from you refers to:

  • Contact information, identification numbers, account numbers, and other information you provide when you do business with us
  • Technical information (such as your Internet Protocol address, your computer's operating system and browser type)

We do not disclose personal information except in the following situations:

  • When you request or give us permission to do so
  • When we use service providers and contractors (such as credit card issuers, financial institutions, or data processors) for limited purposes to assist us in completing our transactions
  • When appropriate to prevent harm or injury (such as preventing fraud)

We take reasonable steps to protect your personal information. We maintain reasonable physical, technical, and procedural measures to limit access to personal information to authorized individuals with appropriate purposes.



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